Sunday, September 11, 2011

We Need to Expect the Best

Today I’m thinking about how expectations change lives.

I’ve been reading too many social media comments recently about the low quality of self-published books. The low quality, hampered by an unrealistic expectation on the part of writers that they can publish a book without going through the hard work of checking and usually rechecking every word, spells disaster for the industry.

Rewards Without Work?

This presumption that you can get rewards without putting in the work seems to be a trend in society today.

At least some of today’s tumultuous economy can be laid at the feet of people who look for everything as if it is due them, even though they haven’t earned it.

Mind/Body Connection

I’m a firm believer in mind/body connection. A tremendous amount of what we feel; joy, sadness, fear, anticipation, anxiety, anger, etc., is brought about by what we think or expect. If we have a low expectation of what we can accomplish in life then that’s what we provide. If we presume to have the capabilities and ambition to execute a plan for the future, there is no reason that cannot come true.

This also is true of what we think of others. It is very easy for someone who interacts with you to realize that you have a low expectation of what he or she can accomplish. That sets the standard for that relationship.

Setting high expectations assumes the likelihood of positive fulfillment.

Expectations for Children

Studies have proven that when parents set low expectations for their children, the children only perform up to that level. On the other hand, a high expectation expressed to a child with the assurance of assistance will set the child on a path of believing he has positive prospects in his future.

My Expectation

My expectation is that my diligence in my research, my experience in writing and my willingness to edit and re-edit every word, will lead to the completion of a book that individuals interested in women’s history and the history of CT will want to read.

I would love to hear from other writers about how much they edit.

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